Getting Started

If you are a complete beginner to affiliate marketing, here is the simple step-by-step process to creating your refferal links.

This is your German DYD affiliate resource center! Without further ado, we will show you how to get started quickly!

1) Create a FREE Clickbank Account. Setting up your Clickbank account is your very first step. Simply click on this link right here to be transferred to the Clickbank sign up form.

On the Clickbank sign up page, you'll fill in your personal details and pick your own personal Clickbank account name (also know as your 'nickname').

2) Create your refferal link aka 'Hoplink'. Once you have created an account with Clickbank, all you have to do is insert your Clickbank nickname into the following URL and then use that link to direct people to my site:

Just go ahead and replace the "xxxx" within this link with your Clickbank affiliate nickname. This will guarantee that you get your commission for every sale you make.

If your nickname is i.e. 'david' then your link will look like:

Make sure you create this link correctly or else you will not receive credit for your sales!

The commissions get automatically deposited into your Clickbank account in real time so that you can see how much you have made up to the minute!

You`re getting paid every two weeks (you`ll find more details about the payment methods on the `help` pages of You`ll recieve the first 3 payments per check. Right after that you can change the payment to 'wire payment' - if you prefer this method.

You receive 75 % commission on the net price!

Let me know if you have any more questions about the set up process by contacting our German DYD affiliate manager.

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